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Irish Whiskey Cask-Matured Beer

At Innis & Gunn we are never content. Ever restless to create new taste experiences, then tireless in wringing every last drop of flavour from them. Irish Whiskey Cask is testament to that endless endeavour. Smooth Scottish stout, Irish whiskey cask-matured. This delicious beer catches the eye with its jet black colour, then delights the nose with aromas of dark chocolate, espresso and vanilla. All without losing its full malt character. On the palate, a beautifully balanced bitterness gives way to a long, chocolatey finish.

Nothing is missed from the combination of smooth Scottish stout and luxuriously rich Irish Whiskey barrels. First come notes of coffee, vanilla and chocolate. Then the long, smooth and seductive finish of this truly special beer. Irish Whiskey Cask is made with only the best. That means the finest rich malts; Extra Pale Ale, Amber and Chocolate. Roast barley adds even more body and character. Yet all of this richness is perfectly balanced by spicy, floral and tangy Herkules hops.

  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Extra Pale Ale, Amber and Chocolate Malts with Roast Barley and Oatmeal
  • Tasting notes

    Dark chocolate, espresso and vanilla, with a full malt character.
    A beautifully balanced bitterness gives way to a long, chocolatey finish. ​
    Rich malty-chocolately, smooth and moreish. Hints of vanilla, oak and warm whiskey-spice.​

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This is a beer to be savoured. It is Irish Whiskey Cask matured for mellowness and depth of flavour. Aromas of dark chocolate, espresso and vanilla bean, oily malt character with a hint of molasses . It is great on its own and pairs well with full-flavoured foods like rich stews and fresh shellfish. Best served ice cold in an Innis & Gunn goblet glass.

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