Stockholm's Beer & Whisky Festival


Hej Hej Sweden

10 Oct 2018

Sweden is a special place for us. It was our first export market, where back in 2005 we launched our Original Barrel Aged Beer and helped set in motion a craft beer revolution which has led to Sweden having an incredible beer culture today. Some of our favourite breweries are there and drinkers have a real passion for great beer so we always enjoy getting amongst it, sharing a few beers and getting some inspiration from our Scandi neighbours. Every year we send a few of our team up for the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival – which was just a whisky festival when we first participated in 2006 – and it’s always a fun, memorable time. This year especially so.

Celebrating its 27th year, this is the biggest beer and whisky festival in the Nordics, attracting over 36,000 people to sample a selection of beers from all over the world. From the smallest Swedish microbreweries to the largest international beer brands and everyone in between you’ll find a beer style here for even the most discerning of drinkers. And an amazing party.

We had a full line up this year, including The Original, Blood Red Sky, Lager Beer, Gunnpowder and Session IPA, Mangoes On The Run, Kindred Spirits, Innis & None, as well as our newest Limited Edition; 15 Double Aged IPA.

Innis & Gunn is a well-known brand throughout Sweden and fans love to hear about the newest brews available so it’s no surprise that 15 was by far the most popular and the feedback was outstanding. This beer is a celebration of everything that our founder, Dougal Gunn Sharp, has learned (and loved) about brewing since Innis & Gunn was founded in 2003.

And talking of celebrations, we got to have one on the last day of the festival. The Original, the beer our Swedish journey started with 13 years ago, won a gold medal in the British Ale category. Our Session IPA, one of the best selling Session Beers in Sweden, won a Bronze in the Session IPA category. We were up against hundred of amazing beers, and judged by blind tasting, so the awards are very significant for us and testament to the amazing work our brewers do to brew the best possible beer they can. We’re going to need a bigger trophy cabinet now…

A special thanks to our friends and importer in Sweden, TOMP, who yet again made it one to remember. Skål!!

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