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New Look Brewery

11 Nov 2019

We are delighted to launch our latest crowdfund campaign - Beer Money - today through the Seedrs platform. The fund aims to raise £3M to help finance the building of the largest major brewery in Edinburgh for over 150 years.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, our Founder and Master Brewer said: “At this time of division, doom and gloom, the originality and inclusivity of the Innis & Gunn brand and business is a shining light of optimism that bring people together in celebration of great beer. This is the opportunity of a lifetime – to be part of the project to build Edinburgh’s first large-scale brewery in over 150 years. By investing in Innis & Gunn Beer Money, you will be helping to create a new legacy for our brand and for brewing in Edinburgh, and Scotland, that will last a lifetime.

We are excited that our new brewery will bring all production and packaging in house, simplifying the current outsourced model and reducing costs, while simultaneously reducing the company’s carbon footprint. It will also create around 30 jobs, with doors set to open in 2021.

Dougal continued: “Part of our strength as a business comes from the community of fans we’ve built across the globe, and this is the perfect chance for them to get involved and help us put Edinburgh back on the brewing map. We’ve enjoyed 16 years of uninterrupted growth, expanded into over 30 countries and we’ve got a very exciting journey ahead of us. There’s never been a better time to join us so why not put your money into something fun and buy a bit of our brewery.”

In the three years since our last crowdfund we have grown to almost 21 million pints and increased turnover to over £25m.

Visit Seedrs to view our Beer Money crowdfunding campaign.

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