Behind The Beers - Matt


Behind The Beers - Matt

04 Jul 2018

On this American Independence Day, we want to introduce you to our Brand Manger for the US - Matt Schaefer!

Matt is based in Long Beach, California, but as part of his role he spends time travelling around the States with the Sales Team - spreading the good word of Innis & Gunn and getting our beer into the hands of as many thirsty Americans as he can. When we asked what his favourite Innis & Gunn beer is, he goes for Blood Red Sky - stating his love for the influence given by the rum and overall rich and smooth complexity of flavour. 

Outside of our own beers, Matt loves a hoppy Pale Ale or a Session IPA - the perfect beers for his sunny California surroundings. If you fancy a career like Matt's then his advice is "be passionate about beer, people and flavour... that above all shines through when speaking with drinkers or customers". But don't worry, it's not all work and no play, outside of the office he loves to eat and drink in new cities, spend time outdoors and also build furniture out of wood slabs. But who doesn't, right?!

Today, to celebrate the 4th of July, Matt will be "firing up the grill with like-minded people in my drive way. Enjoying some adult beverages, quality meats and the California sunshine". Sounds like an ideal day to us! We hope you have an awesome time Matt, and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the USA!

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