By Claire McPherson - Hospitality Manager

If there's one thing we like (other than beer of course) it's a properly meaty menu, and our recent collaboration with Peelham Farm had exactly that: four courses of pork & lamb deliciousness. Based in Berwickshire, Peelham have been farming together since 1990, and what they may lack in years they certainly make up for in passion. The team at Peelham have a fairly straightforward ethos, that their products are sustainable and taste fantastic, and that they most certainly do.

We invited Denise (Farm Produce Manager) down to Innis & Gunn HQ to help us host evening number 5 in our series of ‘Innis & Gunn Introduces...' events. Along with our brilliant beer brain, Rachel Sutherland, she took to the floor to entertain and educate our guests in all things organic & tasty.

The evening began with sharing boards overflowing with Peelham charcuterie, nutmeg and fennel salamis were the order of the day. The spices, though quite subtle, brought good depth of flavour and, along with some house pickles, worked perfectly with our Toasted Oak IPA to really cut through the richness of the meat.


Breakfast sausage; Smokin’ Gunn mustard mash; I&G onion gravy; shallot rings.

With such a fantastic range of sausages to choose from (just shy of 20 different offerings) narrowing it down to just two was quite a challenge. We eventually decided on the ‘breakfast’ and ‘merguez’, although I doubt it’ll be too long before we get our hands on some of the others.

The ‘breakfast’ is a traditional banger. A good chunky size, made with bacon and sage. What else could we do than make the ultimate sausage & mash? Chef Russell laced buttery mash with some of his custom Smokin’ Gunn mustard*, then lavished it in I&G Original onion gravy. The cherry on top: crispy shallot rings. All washed down with Innis & Gunn Original, a classic combination that will always be a favourite at HQ.

The star of the show, however, was the pork shoulder. Peelham have the largest herd of rare breed Tamworth pigs in Scotland, and the meat on these beasts is ridiculously good. Should you be interested in owning your own little piggy, Peelham operate a system where you pay for the upkeep of your very own Tamworth and they will do all of the hard work for you, including the butchery when the time comes. Brilliant!


Pork shoulder en crepinette; potato rosti; carrot puree; maple glaze.

Russell braised the shoulder for several hours with one of our summer seasonal editions, Canadian Cherrywood. He then wrapped the meat in caul fat; a technique called ‘en crepinette’, and bathed these meaty spheres in a maple glaze. We served this up with the Cherrywood, which tied all the elements together, and balanced out the sweetness with it’s toasty, and slightly bitter finish. I can definitely see this dish as a repeat offender.
Finishing off our thus far pork heavy menu, were the merguez sausages. Peelham’s merguez are made entirely from lamb & mutton, unlike some varieties which include beef or pork. This style of sausage is heavily spiced with cumin and harissa and originates from North Africa.

Pairing the sausage with Smokin’ Gunn was a no brainer, but due to the intensity of this pairing the dish itself had to be quite light, hence the cold salad-style garnish. A tasty combination of contrasting flavours, which we reckon will go down a treat with I&G lovers at home. Russell has put together a guide of how to recreate this dish yourself to help you impress guests at your BBQ this summer.

You can find Peelham Farm at both the Castle Terrace and Stockbridge markets, and for more information on getting a hold of your very own Tamworth just go to their website
We are currently working on the next exciting schedule of ‘Innis & Gunn Introduces...’ events launching in Autumn this year. For more information click here or email events@innisandgunn.com to join our mailing list.
In the meantime, if you require an Innis & Gunn fix before the Autumn, we are running a series of Beer & Bites evenings throughout August. Get your tickets quick - nearly half have gone already!


Merguez sausage; grilled baby gem; red cabbage & celeriac slaw; mint yoghurt.

Recreate our chef Russell’s straightforward yet super tasty dish with Peelham’s merguez sausage – perfect for BBQ season.

Merguez sausages – Get them on the BBQ! In case of rain, grill or fry.

Red cabbage & celeriac slaw - Grate half a celeriac, half a red cabbage, 4 shallots & 2 apples.  Toss everything with a teaspoon of salt. Leave for about an hour, mixing occasionally to draw excess water out of the veg, and take the strength out of the shallot & cabbage. After this time, squeeze the veg, place in a clean bowl, bind with 2-3 tablespoons of mayo & a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard. Add lemon juice/salt/pepper to taste.

Baby Gem Lettuce – Quarter each lettuce lengthways. Lightly oil and season. Again throw on the BBQ or fry in a dry pan for a couple of minutes on each side.

Mint Yoghurt – Just before serving, add a handful of finely sliced mint leaves, a squeeze of lemon, salt & pepper to a large pot of natural yoghurt.
This will be great served with some pitta or flatbread lightly charred on the BBQ. Pop open a Smokin’ Gunn and you’re ready to go. Enjoy!

*Smokin’ Gunn mustard -  Russell has used our beers in making a number of condiments for use at our events, look out for his blogs in which he runs through his I&G recipes.



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