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Crisp, light and refreshing Session IPA

Don't let the 'Session' tag mislead you. At Innis & Gunn, we only brew beers of real depth and body and our Session IPA is no exception. We have expertly brewed it to be a light, yet aromatic and moreish beer. It's packed with tropical grapefruit, berry and zesty lemon character. That comes from the skillful addition of Goldings, Citra, and Centennia hops late in the brewing process.

This complex blend of the finest hops ensures a harmonious combination of punchy aromas. Red fruits, resinous pine and light citrus unite to create an alluring scent. That's before you’ve even taken your first sip.

When our Session IPA does reach your lips, it certainly delivers on taste. Biscuity notes from our Extra Pale Malt are paired with hop bitterness. This is all balanced with a touch of sweetness and a silky smooth texture. The finish on the palate is refreshingly clean.

As with our entire range of exquisitely zesty and aromatic IPA’s, you can taste our care, skill and attention in every drop of Session IPA.

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  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Super Styrian, Goldings, Citra, Centennial
    Extra Pale Malt
  • Tasting notes

    Complex blend of hop aroma including red fruits, resinous pine, rose petals and light citrus
    Clean, yet lasting
    Biscuity malt and hop bitterness are balanced with some sweetness and a smooth texture

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Best Served...

We recommend you serve it chilled in an Innis & Gunn branded glass. Ideally with friends, good tunes, sunshine and a selection of savoury nibbles. However you enjoy it though, the most important thing is that you do.

Innis & Gunn Session IPA is available in 330ml cans, which can be purchased in cases of x24.

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