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To Discover The Original

There are as many ways to describe The Original as there are people or days in a year. A close your eyes kind of beer. An orchestra of taste. A spark that started something new. Meditation for your mouth - The Original is more than just beer, it is something different.

If you’ve tried it, you know what we mean. And if you haven’t, well… it’s time you got in the know.

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Original campaign
Original toffee
Original vanilla
Original barrell


We brew a beautiful honey-hued, malty, golden Scottish beer. We then carefully mature it using hand selected single malt whisky casks; the best we can source. This maturation lends the beer an incredible smoothness and depth of flavour with hints of vanilla, toffee, and oak.

The result is a truly unique, delicious beer brimming with vanilla and toffee. That richness is perfectly balanced by notes of orange marmalade, citrus, and hints of oak with a very gentle understated bitterness. A delicate, velvety mouthfeel completes the experience. Smooth, refreshing, and decidedly different from the usual.

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