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Limited Edition

300 Day Bourbon Cask-Matured Imperial Stout

The Vanishing Point series is our apex. It’s the point at which the passion, skill, and ambition of our brewers all converge. Vanishing Point 02 is another worthy exceptional beer to emerge from the series. We matured strong, dark Imperial Stout in first fill bourbon casks for 300 days.

Cask-maturing the beer has mellowed it, while at the same time developing deep and complex flavours within it. Ale Malt, Amber Malt and Chocolate Malt combine with the roasted barley to create a beer of real body. This is complemented by an unmistakable zing of juicy, dried red fruits on the nose. All followed up by rich oak, caramel and cinder toffee.

Once you take your first sip you know that this 11% ABV beer is packed with intensity. The huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt character creates a mountain of flavour for the palate to conquer. The finish is softer, with sweet caramel and warming bourbon notes.

Please note: This reduced Vanishing Point 02 is sold without the outer boxed carton.

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  • The facts

    Super Styrian
    Ale Malt, Roasted Barley, Amber Malt and Chocolate Malt
  • Tasting notes

    Juicy dried red fruits with loads of oak, caramel and cinder toffee
    Sweet with rich caramel and warming bourbon notes
    Huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt character

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