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The Original: XX

20 years in the making

To celebrate two decades of creating truly original beers and to toast how far we’ve come, we’ve brewed something special.

For this special birthday edition of The Original, we travelled back in time, back to 2003. The year we started brewing. Way back then, a Speyside distillery filled a series of casks with their famed spirit. For two decades, those casks were seasoned with incredible flavour by the single-malt-whisky they contained.

Those casks continued their journey earlier this year being filled with our flagship Original.

After three months in casks this beer has taken on bold flavours which complement the signature Original notes. A unique Single Malt Whisky Cask matured Original 20 years in the making. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

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  • The facts

    Barley (Gluten)
    Suitable for
    Redihop, Tetrahop
    Lager, Crystal, Amber
  • Tasting notes

    Caramel, vanilla, rich roasted malts. Hints of sultanas, fig and jam.
    Warming and smooth lingering sweetness.
    A toffee-malt character with hints of buttery-vanilla, honey and dried fruits.

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Pour cold, between 1-4c, into a goblet style glass. Serve with Almejas en Salsa Verde (Clams in green sauce), Tarte Tatin, or some Manchego cheese, fig, and honey chutney.

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