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Lager Beer Mixed Case

Your new weekend favourite

The ultimate Lager Beer mixed case

Crisp, refreshing, and award-winning. Our Lager Beer needs to introduction with the full-bodied flavour you’d expect from an Innis & Gunn beer. This is a crisp, light, expertly balanced beer with a taste that has been perfectly shaped to show off its fun side.

Your bundle comes complete with our Zero alcohol Lager beer. We’ve taken care to craft a 0.0% lager that’s crisp, zesty and refreshing. We’ve also used oats in the brew to create a distinctive smooth finish.

Lager Beer 0.0% is brewed using a special yeast strain that doesn’t produce alcohol during brewing. This means that we don’t need to extract the alcohol from our beer, which can affect flavour quality.

You'll enjoy 16x 440ml cans of Lager Beer and 8 440ml cans of zero alchol Lager Beer.

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Mixed Case
What to expect

Inside The Case

This pack includes

16x Cans of Lager Beer (440ml, 4.6% ABV)

8x Cans of Zero Alcohol Lager Beer (440ml, 0.0% ABV)

IG 1039 Lager Zero 440
LAGER ZERO can and glass 2200
Opening LAGER ZERO 2200
Row of LAGER CA Ns 2200

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