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Laphroaig Islay Whisky Cask-Matured Beer

Islay; a rugged, wild isle that’s famed for its dramatic landscape and uncompromising single malt whisky. Where rich, peated earth, the sea spray in the air and centuries of craftsmanship, all infuse the whisky with distinctive, complex flavours. And there are few whiskies more complex and more emphatic than the Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Whisky.

For this year’s release, we have taken Laphroaig First Fill Casks in which we have slowly matured an Innis & Gunn beer, we've then finished the beer in Laphroaig Port Casks. Absorbing all the deep flavours from the oak – spicy woodsmoke and peat – the beer adds its own rich, roasted flavour. The end result is something as unforgettable as the island and the whisky that inspires it.

Islay Whisky Cask is a 7.4% Scottish Red Ale, slowly matured in Laphroaig single malt first fill scotch whisky and finished in port casks – from one of the most renowned malt whiskies in the world.

  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Super Styrian, Goldings
    Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt
  • Tasting notes

    Heady and intense, a smack of peat smoke, which then softens to reveal notes of chocolate, spiciness, with hints of heather and coffee.
    Lingering with a slight dryness. A long finish with a soft aftertaste delivering subtle smokiness.
    A wonderful oak and malt sweetness while being full bodied, with hints of dried red fruits, toasted malt, caramel, and Scottish tablet.

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Islay Whisky Cask has been crafted for beer and whisky lovers alike. In fact, it's for whoever seeks and enjoys truly original taste experiences. Pour cold, between 1-4c, into a goblet style glass. Ensure a vigorous pour to encourage a generous head.

Best enjoyed with a dram of Laphroaig.

Each 330ml bottle is presented in a striking gift-box, created in collaboration with renowned Scottish artist Scott Naismith.

Goblet Glass
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