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Vibrant, citrusy and beautifully balanced

Inveralmond is our sister brewery, combining the best of Scottish brewing traditions with our own thirst for innovation. Inveralmond EPA is packed with Munich malt, which has been specially selected for its powerful malty flavour. Cutting through this richness are a mountain of aromatic Styrian Goldings hops and smooth, floral Goldings hops. This blend is expertly shaped into a vibrant, citrus-packed and perfectly balanced beer.

Inveralmond EPA was launched in 2017, the 20th anniversary of Inveralmond Brewery itself. Edinburgh Pale Ale is an iconic style that was perhaps the first truly global beer. A forerunner to IPA, it's a style which introduced and launched British beer brewing around the world. It was early 19th century Edinburgh brewers who created it. They began adding more hops to their pale ales than their counterparts across the country. In doing so, they achieved a distinctive style that would go on to influence IPA. Inveralmond EPA builds on this history to create a beer that is sumptuously fresh and contemporary.

The beer pours in a light, golden colour. An enticing combination of grassy and citrusy aromas emanate from the hops. On the palate those zesty, fruity notes come even more strongly to the fore. All underpinned by the rich, biscuity tones of the Munich malt. At 3.8% ABV, this is a light but delicious beer that tantalises the taste buds.

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  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Styrian Goldings, Goldings
    Pale Ale, Munich Malt
  • Tasting notes

    Citrus, Grassy
    Vibrant, citrusy beautifully balanced

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Best served...

Best enjoyed chilled in an Inveralmond Brewery branded glass. Delicious on its own or alongside a plate of freshly caught, pan seared scallops.

Clean and refreshing, Inveralmond EPA is available in 500ml bottles, which can be purchased in cases of x24.

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