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Cherry Kriek

Brewed with sweet cherries, picked in a Scottish orchard

Back for its third year, this Scottish Cherry Kriek is the ultimate expression of summer - regardless of the weather outside your window 🌞

​It’s no exaggeration to say that Scottish Cherry Kriek is one of the most popular beers we’ve brewed. If you missed yours in previous years (they are very limited), now’s your chance to try it. We’ve brought this small-batch release back. And we can’t wait for you to try it. Using fresh cherries – handpicked a cherry’s throw away from our brewery – this limited release celebrates local Scottish produce. Very local. Twenty minutes down the road, actually.

We have matured this cherry beer in oak casks for three months resulting in a beer that is accented with a delicious balance of ripe cherry sweetness, hints of oak, and a refreshing tart finish.

​Believe us when we say Scottish Cherry Kriek is a beer you want in hand as soon as possible.

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  • The facts

    Gluten, Lactose
    Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Golden Naked Oats
  • Tasting notes

    Filled with sweet aromas of cherry and vanilla notes of spice and wood
    Clean, balanced and refreshing
    Ripe Cherry, vanilla sweetness, rich oak with a tart balance

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Best Served...

Cherry Kriek has been crafted for the explorers. In fact, it's for whoever seeks and enjoys truly original taste experiences. Pour cold, between 1-4c, into a goblet style glass. Ensure a vigorous pour to encourage a generous head.

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Love Kriek

Not a big beer drinker but the cherry Kriek was one of my favourites!! Only Wish it was available this Christmas

Christine, Edmonton, AB Canada

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