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Cherry Kriek

Brewed with ripe sweet cherries, picked in a Scottish orchard.

This beer was when our master brewer Dougal stopped to buy some strawberries in Blairgowrie. The owner of the famous berry shop there, only 20 minutes from our brewery, asked, “Would you like to try some delicious Scottish cherries..?”

Tasting them, Dougal was instantly inspired and replied, much to the shock of the shop owner, “I’ll take 3 punnets of strawberries, and 2 tons of cherries’.

This beer is a celebration of great Scottish produce and proof that our climate is not as bad as some would suggest; thanks to the long spring and summer days and fertile soil, the area around our brewery is known as the garden of Scotland and has been producing mouth-watering soft fruit for generations.

We have matured this cherry beer in oak casks for three months resulting in a beer that is accented with a delicious balance of ripe cherry sweetness, hints of oak and a refreshing tart finish.

  • The facts

    Gluten, Lactose
    Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Golden Naked Oats
  • Tasting notes

    Filled with sweet aromas of cherry and vanilla notes of spice and wood
    Clean, balanced and refreshing
    Ripe Cherry, vanilla sweetness, rich oak with a tart balance

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Cherry Kriek has been crafted for the explorers. In fact, it's for whoever seeks and enjoys truly original taste experiences. Pour cold, between 1-4c, into a goblet style glass. Ensure a vigorous pour to encourage a generous head.

Each 330ml bottle is presented in a striking gift-box.

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