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12 Moons

12 Moons in the making

12 Moons Lager is a world first, a Lager Beer that has been Lagered (or stored and aged) for a full year, or 12 Moons as we like to think of it. This time, going well beyond the norm results in a Lager Beer that is sublimely smooth and refreshing yet with a rewarding complexity on the palate.

Since we started our brewing journey in 2003 we have revered the effect time can have upon beer. Allowing some flavours to mellow or complex flavours to develop.

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  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Super Styrian, Styrian Goldings
    Ale Malt, Lager Malt, Golden Oats
  • Tasting notes

    Fresh, delicate floral hop note giving way to sweet biscuit
    Lingering grassy refreshment
    Refreshing, instantly satisfying and moreish with subtle accents of tropical fruits.

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Best Served

Serve ice cold with a nice foamy head.

The beer can be enjoyed in a glass in one of two ways:
Clear Pour: Pour very gently into the glass
Hazy pour: Pour half of the beer, give the bottle a vigorous swirl, then pour the other half.

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12 MOONS bottle glass 2046 px


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