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Ruby Scotch Ale

Two countries intertwined

For centuries, Canada and Scotland have enjoyed a very special bond; a shared history built on the progressive values of inclusivity, tolerance and humility. Ocean-crossing ties that bind.

In celebration of Canada we have created a beer beyond the combination of grain, hops, yeast and water; one that instead represents a meeting of two countries, who’s rich and bountiful resources have helped to shape world-class spirits enjoyed far beyond their shores.

Matured in Canada’s finest rye whiskey casks, this beer embodies our unique connection in a bottle. The flavour from the oak barrels transforms the beer, creating a perfectly balanced blend of rye whiskey's spicy, sweetness and Scottish malts’ rich, earthiness.

Two countries intertwined; one outstanding beer that’s as irresistible as the friendship that underpins it.

  • The facts

    Suitable for
    Super Styrian
    I&G Ale malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt
  • Tasting notes

    Peppery spice with apricot, demerara sugar and, of course, whiskey
    A boozy, nutty warmth is layered with stone fruit and oak
    Cinnamon and cardamom are rounded out with biscuit and bread crust


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