Innis & Gunn x The Originals

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Innis & Gunn x The Originals

01 Apr 2020

At Innis & Gunn we have always treasured and championed creativity and never more so than during these uncertain times.

Over the years we have embraced the talents of true originals; people who forge their own path within their creative specialism. Over the next few weeks, when creativity could easily take a back seat, we'll be bringing it to the fore.

Working with a group of creative partners to showcase their individual talents, these collaborations will show that, even in this time of the ‘new normal’, true creativity can provide a little beacon of positivity.

This is Innis & Gunn x The Originals.

A 12-week campaign to support the creative industries across the UK, Canada and Sweden. 

First up is Glasgow based sign writer Rachel E Millar, who will undertake a sign writing showcase live on Facebook from 12pm, this Friday 03 April (GMT-4). Rachel has worked with us on a number of occasions, creating everything from in-bar commissions through to outdoor murals.  

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Founder and Master Brewer, said: “At Innis & Gunn we’ve always taken the opportunity to champion creativity wherever we can, whether from within our business or through our network of amazing partners. Nobody would disagree that it’s a very uncertain time for all of us, but it’s our belief that now more than ever, it’s important to support and shine a light on the creative industries, both within the UK and beyond.

 “Over the years we have embraced the talents of true originals; people who share our values within their creative specialism. In the coming weeks, we'll be working with our partners to showcase their incredible talents and show that even in this time of the ‘new normal’, creativity can provide a beacon of positivity.”

 Tune in at 12pm (GMT-4) this Friday on Facebook.

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