Cool Developments at Our Brewery


Cool Developments at Our Brewery

02 Jul 2018

For most brewers, beer only has four ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water. But for us, there’s a 5th ingredient; the barrel. For some of our best known beers, barrels are an integral part of the brewing process creating an explosion of flavours and aromas.

In 2017, thanks to our Investor Community, we were able to build a brand-new barrel store at the brewery, and by May 2018, we were storing more barrels there than ever before. 457 to be exact.

May also saw the installation of a temperature control system to ensure that the barrel store maintains a cool 10 degrees C – a real god-send in this recent bout of warm weather (not that we’re complaining of course!). This new bit of kit is crucial since high temperature can have a huge impact on the barrel-ageing process, and in some cases completely spoil the beer in the barrel. Long cold maturations are exactly what our beers need, and with this new cooling system we can now guarantee the quality of the beers in barrel all year round. 

We are continuing to invest in our Brewery and we have some really exciting flavour packed brews coming up – some of which are currently sitting in the very 457 barrels mentioned earlier. Watch this space for more information coming very soon…

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